Automatic Block / Paving Machine

Automatic Block / Paving Machine

Automatic Block Machine (Automatic Paving Machine) is controlled by hydraulic arms / pistons. Pallet entry and product exit are made by a stacking robot with lift. Pallets full of products stacked on top of each other are taken by forklift and left to the drying area. According to the needs, the cement silo can also be added to the facility with an automatic block / Paving machine.

If the mold is changed with the automatic block machine with a single bucket, colorless Paving can be produced.

With the double bucket automatic block machine, if the mold is changed, colored Paving can be produced.

Machine Features
  • It is a machine designed for large enterprises and regions with high population.
  • 3-5 people can operate the machine.
  • It has 2 types as single bucket and double bucket.
  • It is a system where the product is picked up with a full pallet forklift and left in the drying area.
  • A larger facility can be obtained by adding Cement Silo to the system.
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