Automatic Block Making Machine Advantages

Automatic Block Making Machine Advantages

Automatic Block Making Machine has ability to produce almost any kind of shaped concrete blocks with high speed and precision. Production line manufactures paving stones, decorative bricks, road borders and hollow blocks and more. With double bucket entry, it lets manufacturer paint paving concrete blocks into two colors, or paint in red color partially.

automatic block making machine-min

Automatick Block Manufacturing – Stock and drying area for Automatic Block Making Machine required minimum is 4,500 m². Does not require roof. Brickyard should be covered with concrete ⅓ of total area. Controller Type – Fully automatic with PLC Controller. Automatic block making machine has electronic controller unit with LCD for block making machine control. Fully automatic block machine has lots of extra modules which automate the process of hollow block production. The software of PLC receives lots of parameters out of the machine by help of sensor integration in Automatic Block Making Machine.

All actions and process including sensors, are hard coded into the touchscreen of Automatic Block Making Machine control board. If situation requires, you could use manual joystick for process control. All possible errors, that might appear, are visualized on screens.


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