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MUSSAN GROUP, our company has started to grow fast thanks to its experienced and expert staff.It has contributed to the economy of the country with its domestic and foreign sales in the sector of briquetting machines, concrete plants and keystone machines.

Our company continues its commercial life in the modern facilities of Trabzon in response to all kinds of briquet – parquet – bims machine and mold demands. In addition, our company has made a position of reaching a certain market share in the foreign market and exporting to 21 different countries through our promotional activities.


As one of the leading concrete block machine manufacturers in the sector, Mussan Group continues its production philosophy, which meets the expectations of customers with high quality and reasonable prices, with the efforts of the engineers and qualified staffs in its field and constantly innovates and develops itself and its products with its knowledge and experience.

Mussan Group realizes that customers need to fully identify and meet their needs by offering customizable solutions. It ensures the most efficient use of the investments with every capacity and suitable concrete block production facilities. The goal of Mussan Group, which operates in over twenty countries, is to announce its name in the world with its products and services that go well beyond the expectations of its customers.