65 000 people applying for 1 500 JMPD jobs ‘shows desperation’

65 000 people applying for 1 500 JMPD jobs ‘shows desperation’

The fact that 65 000 people applied for 1 500 Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) trainee positions shows the youth are desperate for decent jobs, the Inkatha Freedom Party said on Wednesday.

Unemployment figures would continue rising if government continued to ignore its responsibility toward South Africans, in particular the youth, national chairperson Blessed Gwala said in a statement.

Youth unemployment could result in crime and drug and alcohol abuse.

“Why are they being told that they are future leaders of the country while they languish in abject poverty and share a crowded house with their parents? It will be difficult, if not impossible for our youth to take on responsible positions if they are left without hope at this age,” Gwala said.

The IFP believed the private, government, and education sectors needed to collaborate to determine what knowledge and skills young people should be taught to find rewarding work.


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