Turkish machinery rained on EU countries in the first quarter of the year

Expressing that in the first quarter of 2021, Turkish machines were pouring into the European Union countries, MAİB President Kutlu Karavelioğlu stated that although the industrial production in many countries remained at low levels, European manufacturers bought Turkish machines at every opportunity. Covidien-19 cases due to living close to the 14 percent decline in production countries in Europe, the cutting speed of the machine was buying from Turkey in the first quarter. 22 percent of Turkey's overall exports to the EU rose by machines in the said period; Increases ranging from 23.3 percent to 37.6 percent were achieved in exports to countries with strong machinery manufacturing such as Germany, England, Italy, France and Spain. In the first quarter of the year, when machinery exports to the USA turned positive, the President of the Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB), Kutlu Karavelioğlu, who drew attention to the importance of the high increase in European countries whose production was negatively affected by the increase in cases, said: important opportunities continue. So far, we have made very good use of these opportunities, demonstrating an extraordinary performance and achieved a 15 percent increase this year compared to the first quarter last year, including the pre-epidemic period. These data, which we have obtained before the base effect of the epidemic started, was a great indicator of success, and in the first quarter, the Turkish machine fell lik

Machinery Exporters Association has prepared the Digital Terms Guide

Digital Terms Guide, which is put into online service by MAİB and covers more than 300 concepts that have entered the lives of people with digitalization, including production and trade, provides Turkish terms with their English and German equivalents and resources. The Machinery Exporters Association (MAİB), which continues to carry out works to facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of the industry and the machinery sector, has put the Digital Terms Guide that deals with the facts through concepts online. Www.digital-glossary.com, which deals with more than 300 concepts that have entered the lives of people with digitalization, including the fields of production and trade, provides Turkish terms with their English and German equivalents and resources. The guide, which includes the internet of things, cyber-physical systems, big data, artificial intelligence and related terms, also examines nearly 400 related concepts. In the Digital Terms Guide; The answers to the question of how the new processes of the business world and new technological concepts meet and complement each other are presented with rich visual content and user-friendly software. Karavelioğlu: "We prepared with the great support of the experts of the subject" Expressing that the way to comprehend the mechanisms that make up the digital world and new technological developments passes through correct interpretation and conceptualization, MAİB President Kutlu Karav

Blocket Machine Price in Ethiopia


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