Cement Brick Making Machine

Cement Brick Making Machine is a good product to start a new business. Our factory in Tukey produces Turkish bricks machines under its name Mussan Group with two-year warranty. Our models of cement brick making machine are named according to the abbriviation - MG, of Mussan Group. In our factory models of Cement Brick Making Machine differ in size, in speed and functional capabilities. For example, some of the machines work as cement brick layers, which press on dry concrete mixture in molds directly on the ground. Bricks lately can be collected and put in warehouses to dry. Those machines are recommended to be used with automatic concrete mixer with forklift car for full speed maintaining. Those kind of machines can produce up to 5000 pieces of concrete blocks per day. Cement Brick Making Machine could also be used as thermal isolation forhouses. Thermal isolation blocks has two concrete walls and styrofoam isolation between. The styrofoam is able to isolate heat and sound by decreasing vibrations in walls. The cement
Hollow Block Making Machine - Turkish brick making machine

Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Making Machine is one of our main area of manufacturing. Mussan Group is directly envolved in this business  since 1973. Hollow brick manufacturing is an easy process if you have fast equipment and know how to work with hollow block making machine. This business area will let you build your own house for almost free of charge in one year. Hollow block making machine are recommended for companies who construct buildings, in order to decrease costs on hollow block making machine. With high quality modules, equipment to make homogeneous concrete mixture, you are able to produce strong, durable hollow block making machine in a high speed. Hollow block making machines are able to produce up to 10 thousand prices a day. It depends on automated equipment you order. Some of them are panmixers - to speed up homogeneous mixture production, convey band - to put the concrete into machine, even pallet dispensers with pallet collector robots to level up your factory volume. In order to see price for Hollow Block Making Machine, visit the link above.
Hollow Block Making Machine - Turkish brick making machine

Cement Bricks Machine

Cement Bricks Machine is a brick making machine, which compresses mixture of with sand with cement making a concrete for forming cement bricks. This process occures while the concrete is filled in the molds of Cement Bricks Machine, added vibration and preasure to make them strong and homogeneous. This Manufacturer companies like Mussan Group, have different standards, product warranty, mechanisms quality and exploitation periods for their Cement Bricks Machine. Cement brick machine price may vary from a couple thousands to hundred thousand of USD depending on production speed and accuracy of the machine. Cement brick machine may produce 600 pieces of bricks a day, but some automated factories can finish up to 10000 bricks per day. Cement Bricks Machine we produce are fully customizable, upgradable, with standartised sizes and modules. Cement Bricks Machine by ca
Brick machine in turkey

Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete block making machine is a brick making machine, which compresses mixture of with sand or small light particles in special form. The forms for brick machine for brick manufacturing are named as Brick Molds. The fly ash brick machine or paver making machine, which we produce in Turkey according to a custom request, can have extra brick molds in order to make bricks, borders, pavers in different size or shape. Brick molds may be chrome casted to extend their exploatation time and flatness of brick surface. As you might have notied Concrete block making machine price may vary from a couple thousands to hundred thousand of USD depending on production speed and accuracy of the machine. Concrete block making machine may produce 600 pieces of bricks a day, but some automated factories can finish up to 10000 bricks per day. Concrete block making machine we produce are fully customizable, upgradable, with standartised sizes and modules. By calling us we can manage to have a deal including prices with machine type according to your requirements. With some extra 10% of a price Mussan Group factory gives a warranty for two years on a product you order.
Sand for concrete brick manufacturing

How to choose sand for brick manufacturing

Today we discuss about how to choose sand out of different types for brick, concrete block, cobblestone or pavers manufacturing machine. Why sea or river sand needs to be washed before being used. SAND: Sand - is one of the main ingredients for concrete mixture in Brick Manufacturing. But it also has its cons and pros. Lets make some of them clear. 1) BUILDING SAND - The best type of sand for manufacturing concrete bricks. It's used in all types of construction and is prefered becouse of cohesive properties of it. Building sand responds well to cement in order to form high-end concrete bricks. But you have to remember mixing with crushed stone to create a less smooth surface on the bricks/blocks, which will make plastering grip much better for a longer lasting wall surface. Adding the stone partickes will also increase the brick strength. 2) RIVER SAND - River sand usually contains much river debris such as crushed shell fragments and larger silicon particulates. Which might be washed to get a good mixture of concrete to use in brick machine. Not washing river sand can be a concern when using
The Laying Block Machine (2)-min

Convey band for concrete block machine

Concrete block machine for Convey band  is a very useful upgrade for your small business. Manufacturing Concrete block machine takes a lot of time if you mix with hand. Though process might speed up if some extra modules are used. Some of them are: panmixer, convey band, pallet dispenser. Concrete block machine usage of panmixer speeds up concrete block or cobblestone production and quality of the mixture, which increases brick's durability. Concrete block machine in pallet dispanser lets use one less worker, who regularly should input pallets to print bricks on. Concrete block machine usage of Convey Band lets you speed input of concrete mixture up, by pressing one button. Convey band has special relief developed to be flexible and able to keep mixture in the center of it without dripping out. Convey band not only speeds production up, but also lets you use 2-3 worker less. You can contact us for more detailed information about the Concrete block mach
cobblestone making machine

Red cobblestone making machine

Red cobblestone making machine works by adding red colored oxide to the mixture of dry concrete. Right after the mixture for a red cobblestone is getting mixed in pan mixer (panmixer). It is enough to add only 3% of the total mixture mass to get a bright color. For slight coloring of red cobblestone, in order to save paint, the ratio may be 1% of red oxide. Manufacturing process: Before you add water to your concrete mixture, sprinkle your measured color for red cobblestone bricks, mix it with cement. Before adding water do not forget to mix it in pan mixer (PANMIXER). After the aggregates are properly, uniformly mixed add measured water to the mixture. Do not pour it only into the same location. After water is enough your mixture in the pan mixer is ready to be distributed in our cobblestone brick making machine. To review the offer for Block Machine with 12 simultaneous block printability, click the Fully Automated Brick Making Machine link.
bricks making machine

Bricks making machine

Bricks making machine is a good financial startup for short time period for any small house builder. Because after construction is finished, you can sell it again. Block or brick production is profitable type of a small or large business, which depends on construction rates in the city you would serve in. Trend of high building construction rises need of concrete bricks called blocks. For small buildings they need to be as strong as possible, because less of pure concrete walls or colons will be planed. Those walls of concrete bricks make support for the roof itself. In buildings having more than one floor, then hollow blocks are used for wall and isolation purposes. How to chose a bricks machine? Demand of your final product should be determined. This might help you choosing the right model of the bricks machine you would own. Try to calculate how many of concrete blocks you might be selling per month and divide by 26. Like if you had to work everyday for brick
hollow brick molds

Build a house with lego blocks

Over time clay brick manufacturing has been replaced by concrete block manufacturing. This process is made by hollow brick machine having hollow brick molds squeezing, and shaking concrete material, after it is mixed in PANMIXERS. Leaving holes in bricks makes them lighter and cost less. New type clay brick making machines have simplified the brick production process. New type of clay bricks called "Lego Bricks" are simple to use. Because of their holes builders get cylindrical access to the base of the mass, where they fill liquid concrete to strengthen corners of a building. The producer of this bricks is called Lego
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Hollow Block Machine Working Principle

Hollow block machine is not as complicated as you think. Hollow block machine is do we still use this technology of clay brick manufacturing? Oh yes, but the process is so long and consumes lots of human work. Those bricks need to dry and get burned, in order to get strong enough for constructions. Hollow block machine are preferred for garden, home or fireplaces. More popular for construction got hollow block, which is made by hollow block machine. In recent years, the Hollow block machine ( Hollow Bricks Machine ) has started to be used in sound-isolated and lightweight aggregate structural elements which have considerable advantages compared to normal structural elements. Besides the lightness of the bricks which are produced by Hollow block machine ( Hollow Bricks Machine ), they are preferred to make bricks with features such as being a natural raw material, being able to withstand high temperatures, providing thermal insulation in terms of thermal comfort. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eovYxf8-Hs[/embed] Let's discuss about advantages of those bricks now: 1) Hollow block machine makes eco - friendly bri