Turkish Brick making machine

Brick making machine technical details

Brick Making Machine is one of the most practical solution for quick block manufacturing. As we have mentioned before – there are lots of parameters you need to consider before you start brick manufacturing. Your brickyard should be suitable for the production type of the brick making machine you own. Few Brick Machine Manufacturers in Turkey, Germany, China and India, race with each other. This Manufacturer companies like Mussan Group, have different standards, product warranty, mechanisms quality and exploitation periods for their Brick Making Machines.

As we now, everything cheap is in China already. There is no need to race with prices, unless you give more than just a price. Mussan Group produces Brick Making Machines, working generally on wet concrete, which as we expect and have seen, lasts longer than the cheapest product, aimed to reduce initial investment. Brick Factories, which are aimed to work for more than 10 years, with no upgrade of parts, or less repair are known to be produces in German factories. Some of the Brickyards which are bought to make a small deal of breaks and does not need big investment, is optimal to be bought in China.

Turkish company Mussan Group aims for the brick manufacturers, which would use the machine for more than 5 years. We let you find the ability to make a small factory for a long period of time, but with efficient cost – little bit more, than Chinese product, but less than German quality.

Floor tile making machine

Floor tile production

The Floor Tile Production Machine is a tool which can produce all kinds of geometric shapes tiles on the concrete by putting them in the prepared molds, with CNC cut. The block making machine have high floor tile production capacity with few staff. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily, electricity consumption is at minimum level. Floor Tile Making Machine can be easily transported and installed at desired place.

There are some advantages when we compare Static Tile Making Machines with Laying Block Making Machines. The Static block making machines allow you to make production faster and with high precisioin. It also makes less noise with its silent hydraulic engine pump. Molds might be changed easily in a short time. No technical assistance is required for installation. The extra cost is for pallets, which are required for tile production, for them to be molded onto the wooden pallet. Any optional equipment that is focused on the client’s needs can be easily added and removed. At this point, our client can build his own facility according to his wishes.
For more information you can contact us on Whatsapp or by mail, if you won’t consired calling directly to the company. Quick replies are important also for us.

automatic concrete block plant - assembly of concrete block making machine-min

Automatic Block Making Machine Advantages

Automatic Block Making Machine has ability to produce almost any kind of shaped concrete blocks with high speed and precision. Production line manufactures paving stones, decorative bricks, road borders and hollow blocks and more. With double bucket entry, it lets manufacturer paint paving concrete blocks into two colors, or paint in red color partially.

automatic block making machine-min

Automatick Block Manufacturing – Stock and drying area for Automatic Block Making Machine required minimum is 4,500 m². Does not require roof. Brickyard should be covered with concrete ⅓ of total area. Controller Type – Fully automatic with PLC Controller. Automatic block making machine has electronic controller unit with LCD for block making machine control. Fully automatic block machine has lots of extra modules which automate the process of hollow block production. The software of PLC receives lots of parameters out of the machine by help of sensor integration in Automatic Block Making Machine.

All actions and process including sensors, are hard coded into the touchscreen of Automatic Block Making Machine control board. If situation requires, you could use manual joystick for process control. All possible errors, that might appear, are visualized on screens.

Business relationship between Poland and South Africa

Business relationship between Poland and South Africa

Speaking to delegates at the JSE’s first country investment day, in Johannesburg, which focussed on business relations between South Africa and Poland, he noted that Poland is “a stable country which is committed to free market principles, the rule of law, international competition, democracy and free trade”.

This, he pointed out, is key when investors require confidence in the long-term stability of the economy that they are investing in.

Commenting on Poland’s current economic and business environment, World Bank senior economist Dr Marcin Piatkowski told delegates that Poland is a “vibrant and multi-party democracy”.

The country’s ultimate growth drivers include an open, broad-based inclusive society, as well as a social consensus on striving for a “return” to Europe.

The emergence of the middle class also counts in Poland’s favour, he added, noting that the country’s strengths lie in its high quality of education, low labour costs and a high productivity rate.

Poland’s infrastructure is improving and the country’s macroeconomic environment is stable, he noted, adding that Poland is experiencing gross domestic product growth well above the European Union average, and that Poland will continue to be the key spot in Europe for growth in retail during the next few years.

“Poland’s is a story of a ‘rags to riches’, and is remarkable in the sense that the country is rejuvenated, which would not have been possible without opening up the society to the rest of the world, and making sure that everyone [who operates in the country], can do so sustainably.”

Meanwhile, JSE-listed Polish property company EPP CEO Hadley Dean told Engineering News Online that South African companies were willing to invest in Poland.

“I think that what happens when South African investors come to Poland, they see that [Poland] is not an emerging market, but rather a developed market,” he said, adding that Poland is a “hidden gem”.

For South Africa to reach the same level of development and investor confidence as Poland, he said South Africa would need to start from the basis of more equal income.

“One of the challenges for South Africa is how to grow the economy to a rate that is sustainable and is not fuelled by debt. But I do think that the South African government can take some real lessons from Poland, which is focussed on growing its economy”.


Tile Making Machine

Tile Making Machine has ability to produce tiles as fast as possible. This machine also accepts concrete hollow block molds as all other machines manufactured in our factory. The Tile Making Machine is so fast that the speed of tiny hollow blocks manufactured reaches 18000 pieces per day. Process of manufacturing depends on some extra modules like mixers, silos, cnovey belts including component bunkers for sands with automated weighing. Mussan Group Factory of Block Machines lets MG 10.2 type tile manufacturer machine use less human force for high precision and expense saving reasons.

In high populated cities where government needs to renew or expand sidewalk roads, tile stones are on high demand, also called as pavers or cobblestone. This is a big chance to get revenue in short amount of time for new dealers and businessman. You might find it useful to check our blog about how to choose sand, or how to start a brick manufacturing business. For more information about the tile making machines or a custom order for your perfect needs please contact us by phone number listed on the website.

Brick making machine

Block Making Machine For Sale

Block Making Machine For Sale on our website. You can choose the type and production level for your custom needs under “concrete block making machine deals“. For quick information you might contact right to the factory phone to sales department of Mussan Group and have a chance to get more information about concrete block making machines. Our deals on block making machines for sale are customized according customers requests for most common sets of factory. To have the factory of concrete block production, almost all customers need to or already have mixers, convey belts as extra module to increase productivity of the brickyard.

The convey band / belt, automates spelling of the concrete to press making machine. Some of our block making machine for sale has ability to automatically to pore the wet concrete mixture onto block molds. Right after homogeneous mixture is on molds, hydraulic press vibrates and pushes tons of pressure onto the mixture to form a strong homogeneous brick.

Pallets are wooden potlike, flat surfaces cut according brick molding area, for transportation of concrete blocks to drying yard. The custom designed pallets, might have metal outer walls to keep form and usability for a long time. Some Block Making Machines like MG 10.2 Semi-Automated Brick-Paver Making Machine have a need for pallets having foots for dispanser system, to put them one onto another.

MG 10.2 Semi-Automated Brick-Paver Making Machine -> https://brickmakingmachinee.com/urun/mg-10-2-half-automated-brick-parquet-making-machine-economical-production-factory/

concrete block making machine for sale


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Automatic Brick Making Machine

Automatic Brick Making Machine is required for big factories which produce more than 10,000 concrete blocks with dimensions of 20 x 40 x 20 cm. This type of ultimate automotion system with system control panel lets users controll all actions and use all functions of automatic brick making machin. Mussan Group company is one of the manufacturers in Turkey, which produces  high quality brick machines with affordable cost. The concrete block making machines made by our company have two-year warranty for all metal parts inclucding custom molds for concrete block production.

Any type of manufactured concrete block making machine is able to make almost all types of concrete blocks like: hollow blocks, pavering stones, borders, cobblestones or some custom designed concrete bricks. Fully automated brick making machine’s production speed table is similar to this:
Automatic Cobblestone-Brick Making Machine Daily  Volume

Daily/ Pieces per 8 hours:

Hollow Brick Production ( 100 X 400 X 200 cm)   22.000 Pieces

Hollow Brick Production (200 X 400 X 200 cm)    11.000 Pieces

For more information you might consider to visit the link of MG 12.2 Automatic Cobblestone and Concrete Block Machine. The ability of our concrete block making machine of creating styrofoam isolated concrete blocks lets it be considered as high level automated factory. With only 3 workers you are able to manufacture concrete blocks for 24/7.

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laying brick making machine-min

Automatic Brick Making Machine

Laying Brick Making Machine is produced with high precision and quality since 1973, by experienced mechanical engineers and stuff, lately united under Mussan Group LTD, Brick Machine Manufacturer Company in Turkey. The Concrete block making machine – MG 6.2 is designed for quick production of up to 5000 pieces hollow bricks per day. The pluses of the laying concrete block machine are: ability to relocate the factory quickly, does not require almost 1000 pallets which will cost up to $15000, which might be needed for static, semi-automated machines. The name for the laying concrete block machine comes from its ability to lay bricks, squeeze applying vibration inside molds.

laying hollow block making machine-min

MG 6.2 Laying Brick Machine is able to produce almost all types of solid bricks: paving stone, grass stone, curbstone, decorative block, hollow block, insulation blocks and many non standard products. To produce rare types of bricks you just need to change the machine’s molds, easily disassemblable in couple hours.

The machine is depended on few more supportive modules for full operation, rather than on human worker. Forklifts are used to insert ready concrete mixture inside machine, which are inseparable feeders for the laying brick making machine. Those forklift cars, need ready concrete mixture to be ready each time before they feed the laying brick machine.

Our company gives you two-year warranty for all metal components functionality and stability. Automotion controller systems, have warranty up to 1 year. We might request more information about your requirements, to optimize factory moduls according to  your needs with less money.

laying concrete block making machine-min

fly ash bricks machine - concrete block making machine, cement block manufacturing-min

Fly ash bricks machine prices

Fly ash bricks machine prices start from $3,000. Fly ash brick machine manufacturer – Mussan Group makes automated factories for concrete block production. All of Automated and semi-automated brick machines, including laying block machine, has 2-year warranty. These high quality brick machines have tons of hydraulic appliable preassure on concrete block molds.

The company sells brick machines in South Africa, Madagascar, Nigeria, Georgia and many other countries, with export quality and support. Our support team, speaks fluently in English, Georgian, Arabic, Russian, Turkish and French. The support includes After-sale support, free consultation for your order according your needs, troubleshooting with advicing upgrade modules like pan mixer, convey band etc. fly ash bricks machine price does not include shipping and generally shipment includes only FOB price.

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Brick Making Machine - Price of concrete block machine

Brick Machine Prices

Brick Machine Prices are varying from $2000 to $100,000. The price depends on production speed of the machine, worker consumtion or automatisation, with concrete brick quality / homogeny, brick durability. To make a durable brick, we need to be sure that the concrete mixture is homogeneous enough before we start working with brick machine.

Pan mixer is a high productivity mixer with forks for better mixing. To see how to choose a mixer, you better read our blog about “how to choose a mixer”. You might like to read a comparing posts between mixing types – why and when one or another prefered. Brick Machine Price in our factory is good enough depending on a quality of the machines. With two-year warranty you might be sure that no metal parts or molds for concrete block machine will get erosed or cracked.

Mussan Group has exported their products in countries such as South Africa, Madagascar, Georgia, Ethiopia with Arabic countries. Our customers have high trust in our professionalism, with high quality of work with our experts and engineers working on modernisation of the Brick Manufacturing.Half - Automatic brick machine

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