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How Half Automated Turkish Brick Making Machine Works

MG 4.1 type automatic hydraulic brick making machine is made in Turkey. This machine set of three main components speeds up production of concrete brick of a small brickyard. Its vibration and hydraulic functionality adds high density and strength to bricks. Turkish Brick Making Machine, of this type, uses medium level of work force. It needs people to mix components with panmixer, in control unit of the main Brick Making Machine and some workers for transfer ready bricks to dry yard.

The main principle of the Turkish Brick Making Machine is based on kinda molding bricks. Brick Molds shape the concrete when it is applied on them. Right after special forms press on the molds. Right after pressure is applied on brick molds of Turkish Brick Making Machine, Vibration acquired on wet concrete from downside of the mold.

Special prepared molds are high quality and have 2 year guarantee as all other metal parts of the Turkish Brick Making Machine. After dry pressed brick extracted from a brick mold, it continues to be transferred to the output table laying onto wooden pallets. After the bricks are ready, the pallet can be easily taken to the dry yard by some other workers. This machine makes between 3000-4000 concrete bricks per day.

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Which mixer is better, concrete mixers?

Since the panmixers look too expensive for the custommers here we discuss about alternative ways of concrete mixing. One of them are concrete mixers. Lets see its Cons and Pros. Why concrete mixers?

Concrete Mixers:

Concrete mixers are similar to kitchen cake mixers, except there is no whisk, but you simply turn the bowl to get the water homogenously propagated.

The main purpose of this type of mixer is to make whole mixture uniformly wet. It keeps turning to prevent mixture to be hardened before use.

A concrete mixer is not used to mix different types of aggregates. This mixer keeps turning with water and is offered to use in such purposes when slury concrete is needed. But since brick making is a dry pype process the mixture will be eather too much wet for the required process, or it won’t mix concrete inside in a propper way.

In the end of the production of bricks made by concrete, mixed with concrete mixers might seen less strong than counterpart bricks, made from uniformly mixed aggregate. This happens because of the weakest link effect- if a part of the brick strength fails by that weak point during the tests; preasure test, modulus breaking point, etc.

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Engineers of Karadeniz Technical University

In the East of Black Sea in one of Turkish cities- Trabzon was found a new university in 1950’th was found Technical University. Its first Faculty was Civil Engineering. 60 years later, nowdays, there are more than 50000 of students and more than 10 new faculties in  it.

Graduates of Mechanical Engineering faculty of the university formed a startup which included Concrete Brick Manufacturing Machine, which got lot of attantion as it was reupgraded version pf previous ones. Those friends made it up with forming a company named MUSSAN Group. Right after it, lots of requests from abroad let them them start export in countries like Georgia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and others.

The company is popular for its inovative solutions in machinery today. We hope it will continue its pass to success the same way.

Lego Brick Manufacturing Factory

In in some geographical regions where are clay quarry, might be use as an advantage for a bright beginning of a new business. In clay quarry, the clay might be used as a material for a Interlocking Brick production. They are called lego breaks because of their simplicity while construction.

The brick factory doesn’t need ovens anymore. Extra vibration and pressure added onto molds lets the brick become almost dry and gets strong enough to get into construction next days. Our factory manufacturer company, can construct the clay brick manufacturer machine in maximum 90 days. In addition with 2 year guaranty, the business your are about to make might be one of the most profitable for a long time.


Brick Manufacturing Machine

Our Brick Machinery Factory, which constructs brick molding and press machines, had almost finished the order for GEORGIAN customer. The mobile walking brick manufacturer machine​, had only painting work left. Main hard work is almost done. Including electrical drive and metal frame assembly. Because of our high quality technicians and engineers we are going well on time, not decreasing the quality of final product.

The Brick manufacturer machine differs from other automatic or manual machines with its ability to relocate. This is not an additional function, but also an obligation for brick manufacturing of this kind. Why would it need to move? – In order to leave the bricks on the floor. That surface has to be smooth enough for machine to mold the right form and strength of the break. This brick manufacturer machine can prepare 6 big sized bricks at once. This product is good for these shapes.

Styrofoam brick

Styrofoam Layered Brick Making Machine

Concrete Bricks are produced with special machines, which spreads concrete onto molds. Right after spreading it, vibration and press applied, which makes the concrete brick stronger and homogeneous.

By time, production had got on a new level, when isolation materials were added into bricks while manufacturing process. Isolation of sound, heat, water and etc. The machine for manufacturing concrete blocks has a new feature of adding the Styrofoam tiny layer between walls of the brick.

This process of brick manufacturing differs from a regular one. For manufacturing this kind of brick you have to have a machine with two different entries of concrete, for each layer of concrete. Between those entries there is special stand for Styrofoam plates to insert between the concrete layers manually.

styrofoam brick splitting

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brick production

Advantages of using vibration in brick production

Here Mussan Group will briefly explain and compare brick-making process for clay or concrete brick manufacturing, in order to clear all concerns.

Bricks are manufactured generally on a brickyards. One of the two methods is used for brick manufacturing: concrete and clay brick manufacturing. We got used to here that clay bricks need oven to “bake” the clayconcrete brick manufacturing, clay brick, soil brick, clay brick manufacturing bricks, but similar new method – soil brick production, by help of vibration while molding, chemicals make glue like effect. It makes soil brick gain strength and become almost waterproof.

During press (compression) on a concrete inside molds, particles move into a close dense to form more strong structure. Since almost dry concrete is  used in concrete brick manufacturing, there is no waste like water. Some additional chemicals for concrete brick manufacturing, clay brick manufacturing, act like a soap by letting the bricks slide out of molds easily.

Vibration force increases the effect of press on bricks. Those vibrating particles of sand or cement are filling almost all empty spaces in the mold. The final product gets more homogeneous.

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How I quit TV?

I used to work with a guy who didn’t have a TV. He announced it proudly at any given opportunity. Someone would make a cultural reference and he would say – as drily as his secret glee would allow – “The Bill? What bill? I don’t know what you’re talking about, because I don’t have a TV.”

Now, I have become him. I don’t have a TV. I only have Netflix. I am a Netflixer – and I have my reasons. I moved house last year and, when I went to plug in the TV, I found the cable had been severed. The next day, a TV licence demand came, asking money for television we couldn’t watch.

Now we have nothing but Netflix, which makes you choose a programme you want to watch, and makes you decisively click on it. It also means if the internet breaks down you have find other means of entertainment, such as reading or talking to a fellow human. But that level of control was delicious after years of having a TV, when I would just pick a channel and allow it to pipe out its contents at me like a hose. I know you all have the power to switch off the TV and use your day to save the dolphins, learn to play the clarinet and write a novel, and I commend you. But some of us are, regrettably, rubbish.

There are cultural ramifications. Have you ever tried to explain a new TV show to a clueless Netflixer? It all sounds ludicrous. What am I supposed to do with my face when someone says, “It’s celebrities skiing off a slope, for an hour”, or “It’s people having sex in a box then chatting about it”? I feel like I’m in a Little Britain sketch. (See how out of date my TV references are?)

In trying to avoid being perceived as a cultural numbskull, us Netflixers have to read TV reviews and Twitter to discover what people are squawking about. This means that everything comes tinted with the colouring of someone else’s opinion – an op-ed, a nasty tweet, a BuzzFeed summing-up. When I read articles claiming that Celebrity Big Brother is actually good this time, eventually I have to take them at their word.


Custom Manual Panmixer

If you manufacture concrete bricks on your small factory Then you know how important is to mix needed aggregates properly, to get homogeneous mixture of concrete. When you manually mix the concrete it might cost you time. Time loss will mean your manufacture speed down. This speed might cost you money at the end. To get the profit faster why not to try speed mixing up?

As you know the standard round concrete mixers are only used when all aggregates are previously mixed. Then Panmixers might be the best choice, but how to make them cheaper? We designed special new model of panmixer but without powerful and expensive automated motors. If you have a small DIY brick machine then it will be enough for your brick manufacturing to have a manual panmixer. 100-120 Liter panmixer will cost you less and will be enough for you tom make up to 10 big constructional bricks. and the mixture will be get ready in next 5 minutes.

Because of exploitation easiness, you will not be require a bunch of workers to mix it. The panmixers as previously posted, will let your concrete aggregates proportionally mixed.


Nikoloz Basilashvili

Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili, ranked the 81st in the world, has become the first Georgian to win an ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) World Tour title. Winning the title moved Basilashvili up to number 35 in the ATP rankings.

Basilashvili defeated two-time Hamburg titlist Leonardo Mayer 6-4, 0-6, 7-5 on Sunday and won the title.

Basilashvili is the fourth qualifier to triumph on the ATP World Tour this season, joining Daniil Medvedev(Sydney), Mirza Basic (Sofia) and Roberto Carballes Baena (Quito). Marco Cecchinato claimed his maiden title in Budapest as a lucky loser.

“I am sure that every player worked so hard for this, but it’s an unbelievable moment for me,” Basilashvili stated after the victory.

Basilashvili reached a career high combined (singles and doubles) of World No. 59 on January 5, 2009. He ended his junior career with a 35–22 record on singles and 14–17 on doubles.

In 2015, he qualified for his first Grand Slam Tournament – Roland Garros, losing in the first round to Thanasi Kokkinakis. Later in the same year he managed to qualify for Wimbledon, where he beat Facundo Bagnis and the 15th seed Feliciano Lopez, advancing to the third round of a major for the first time in his career. Later that year he managed to qualify for US Open too.

In February 2017 Basilashvili participated in the Sofia event, grabbing victories over Adrian Mannarino, 1st seed Dominic Thiem and 8th seed Martin Klizan, before losing to 3rd seed and eventual winner Grigor Dimitrov in the semifinals. Basilashvili continued his good form on Memphis Open, where he defeated 1st seed Ivo Karlovic and went to reach the final, but lost to Ryan Harrison in straight sets.

In June 2017, Basilashvili achieved a career-high singles ranking of 51. He reached three semifinals and one final throughout the year.

At the 2017 French Open, after defeating Gilles Simon and Viktor Troicki,Basilashvili lost to eventual champion Rafael Nadal in the third round, winning just one game across three sets.

In July, 2018 he made it into the main draw of the German Open in Hamburg as a qualifier and went on to win the tournament, defeating Leonardo Mayer in the final.

By Thea Morrison